Youth Red Cross

Red cross is an international optional organization which was established by Henry Dunant to cure wounded and victim-ed on the better ground in 1863. The basic principles of Red Cross are as follows:

  1. Humanity
  2. Impartiality
  3. Neutrality
  4. Independence
  5. Voluntary service
  6. Unity
  7. Universality

After this the aims of this organizations have made more comprehensive in which all the victims and Collins had been helped during war or normal time. Red cross basic actions are as follows:

  1. Physical health and fitness upgrade.
  2. Prohibition on Disease.
  3. Victims help.

Establishment of Red cross:- Youth Red cross is a branch of Indian Red cross which is related to the students and lectures (18 to 35 Years) who are engaged with any college affiliated by UGC granted University.

In every college Red cross unit stable and works with the active participation of each students and teacher.

Youth Red cross has its clear aim to serve humanity during peace time as well as war. Every youngsters must be a member of this organization and get trained so that they would be able to serve and help people living in rural and urban areas.

Mass health cleaning in dirty or slum areas, Collins welfare, service of handicapped or specially abled people, environmental conservation and up liftment, and also redressal of pollution, providing instant help during natural disaster and accident and emergency situations etc.

Are the main duties of the members. A long with this humanity based values and world nother hood feelings international organization upgrade is also an important work of youth Red cross.

Youth Red Cross Activity Reports: 2021-2022

  1. Inter college district level quiz competition. 02/09/2021 to 04/09/2021
  2. On the occasion of establishment of youth Red Cross Society tree plantation program has been conducted. 14/09/2021
  3. On the occasion of Teachers Day lecture, thoughts, greeting card competition, poem competition has been conducted by both online and offline mode. 05/09/2021
  4. On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti cleanliness, de-addiction rally, government school, shed cleaning etc. has been done. 02/10/2021. Title View / Download
1 Extension Activity
2 World Red Cross Day
3 Vridh Ashram Visit
4 Fruits Dist. in Navratri Festival
5 Har Ghar Tiranga
6 2 Oct Gandhi Jayanti
7 Workshop on World Disaster Day
8 World Aids Day
9 Anand Mela 2022-23
10 World Aids Day
11 Vridh Ashram Visit 2023
12 Workshop on Disaster Management
13 Tree Plantation