A library is like a bank, the only difference being that we borrow books instead of money. However, our school library is a center where knowledge is polished and groomed. All sorts of magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, biographies, holy books and scripture, etc can be availed. Here at AIS, we strongly believe that technology will never be able to replace books though it may well alter its appearance. A library endowed with thousands of articles and books coupled with a resource center, carves out an impeccable amalgamation of wholesome knowledge provided to all the students.

About books:

Students shall be responsible for any loss or damage done to the book lent to them and shall be required to pay the value thereof, for any such loss damage. In case the book is lost immediately the matter should be reported to librarian & their instructions should be followed to cover the loss.


For Clearance:

All “library dues “should be cleared by 1st week of January to avoid any complication. After 20th January books will not be issued. If needed it can be provided by money deposition. 20th January onwards Rs.5/- per book per day will be charged against every library issues.

Issue Section:

Syllabus books are issued only for 7 days. However, it can be re-issued for another issue period. Books for competitive tests can be given for 10 days.

Whenever a holiday or vacation starts in between the due date students have the right to keep books with them but should return it within the first two days of reopening.

Storybook or novels are issued only for 7 days. However, it can be re-issued for another issue period. Students of class 1 to4 can read these books only in the reading section of the library but they cannot take these books to home.

Late Submission:

No books or magazines will be issued for a month for two late submissions.Third, late Submission will be followed by no more library service.

Reference Section:

Students & staff members can take more than one book at a time but of the same subject for reference. They are requested to get the books noted in the register and almanac also even if they need them for a short period. Before leaving reading room return the book and be sure that the librarian has signed for receiving it back.

About the reading room:

Perfect silence has to be maintained in the library.                                                            

Disclaimers and loitering about is strictly forbidden.

Before leaving room issued material should be returned. Magazines should be placed back on rack. Chairs should be arranged without making noise.

Any student found to be misusing reading room for escaping subject period will have to face severe punishment.

Each student is expected to read library books during the library period and make a brief note of it. Textbooks and other study materials should not be brought to the library. Title View / Download
1 Book Aquisition & Arrangement
2 Training on SOUL Software
3 Library Orientation
4 Celebrating Librarian Day