Vision and Mission


Making students a strong empowered and socially responsible person through teaching and training.


We aspire to create excellent organization that promote educational excellence value development and service to communities.


  • To provide quality education to rural students. That empowers the students to have a sound career to complete urban students and to inculcate cultured personality.
  • To provide career-oriented education to the students to batter job opportunity.
  • To motivate students for this all round personality development through participation in curricular and extracurricular activity.
  • To develop sensitivity and awareness towards environmental problem and their solutions.
  • To provide quality teacher education program in the regin.
  • To motivate the prospective teachers for contributing their best by producing knowledge generating society.
  • To create awareness among the prospective teachers about the educational need and right of learners with special need.
  • To nurture values, Social responsibility among prospective teachers through value oriented and community service programmes.
  • The basic objective of making student’s aware about the currant business world and about trade activities and challenges faced by the business world.
  • To train and produce tech savvy prospective teacher through ICT skill development programs.
  • To make then to use various the teaching aids and ICT in their teaching work.
  • The broad objectives of the B.C.A & P.G.D.C.A. programme is to prepare post graduate for productive careers in software industry corporate sector and government job. The program emphasizes the application on software technology to solve mathematical computing communications networking and commercial problem.
  • To train the students to med the challenges of contemporary business environment.
  • To develop students understanding of economic problem and their effects on society
  • To bring about holistic development of personality of the prospective teachers.
  • To develop the competitive spirit and to inculcate entrepreneurial trains for self employment and profession among students.
  • To promote research culture among to the staff and students for the benefit of the society.


  1. Adopting the use of ICT
  2. To inculcate in the basic, Moral social and spiritual values necessary for building up character and developing personality.
  3. To provide value based education to make the students competent accountable and citizens.
  4. To create devoted and disciplined volunteers with human value for national integration.
  5. To create a feeling of equality.
  6. To create the habit of reading and the importance of books.


I. Strength

  1. Well qualified and dedicated faculties.
  2. MOU with reputed industries and institutes
  3. Internet facility with Wi-Fi campus.
  4. The institute has will furnished hostels for boy (100) and girls (100).
  5. Dynamic, qualified, honest and dedicated staff committed to students welfare.
  6. Book bank facility.
  7. Beautiful, green, tobacco free and plastic free campus.
  8. Emphasis on holistic development of students.
  9. Support system for slow learners.
  10. Motivation for excellence.
  11. Use of Innovative teaching, through video clips on site classes and project based learning.
  12. Well equipped computer and other library, laboratories.
  13. Transparency, diversity and inclusiveness in the admission process.
  14. Strong student support mechanism.
  15. Adequate infrastructure sufficient and will-maintained classrooms, furniture, computers and laboratories.

II. Weakness

  1. Lack of international collaboration.
  2. Funded Research project.
  3. Students are from rural sector with poor communication.
  4. Great pool of alumni but weak alumni network.
  5. Maximum students are first generation learners.
  6. Low paying capacity of student due to economically poor hinterland.
  7. Socio-economic background of many students admitted in the college is very humble (many of them are first generation learners and many of them have to support their parents in earning livelihood hence the are irregular in college

III. Opportunity

  1. Improve the quality of students.
  2. Inspire alumni to create job opportunity for students.
  3. Scope for expansion in infrastructure.
  4. Organization of National workshop, Webinar, Guest lecture, E-lecture and Social activities.
  5. Increase in infrastructural facility in library.
  6. Scope for further utilization of campus space.

IV. Challenge

  1. Boosting the confidence of rural students, especially girls.
  2. To achieve excellence in academics by involving masses from socially weaker sections.
  3. Enabling the students to improve their oral English communication to cope with global competencies.
  4. Encouraging students for entrepreneurship.
  5. Retaining experienced staff.
  6. Updating with current technology.
  7. The College needs to introduce more skill oriented programs to cater to the social need it will have to re-skill its faculty to cape with the changing requirement in the higher education.
  8. Excessive use of social media by students.