From President’s Desk

“ We are what our thought have made us; so take care about what you think, words are secondary thoughts live they travel far.”

- Swami Vivekanand

V.P. Sharma

- President

It is needless to elaborate the significance of education. People without proper education, skills, experience are almost like the philistine. For the development of The country; the role of good education institution is fore most. Dev Sanskriti College of Education & technology, one of the prestigious higher Education Institute in khapri, Durg (C.G.) imparts quality education to the students with the ethos of moral, values, spirituality and principle. We believe that, education is not simply imparting knowledge of information but more about opening the students mind for to creativity, innovation, to active a level of excellence; specially for rural students by providing them career oriented education for batter placement and grooming their personality and awareness. Disciplined students, well qualified and talented teachers, likewise better management are equally important for the success of an education Institution. The college management is always providing number of facilities to the students as well as teachers.

I am confident that DSCET. Durg shall meet the expectations of stay ahead of the times.