A person, who has obtained a Bachelor Degree of the University or a Degree recognized as equivalent there to, shall be eligible for admission, Bachelor of Education course, provided that he has been selected through entrance examination conducted by the professional examination Board, C.G. Raipur.
 Scheme of Examination
 Paper I: Teacher in Emerging Indian Society
 Paper II: Development of learner and Teaching Learning Process.
 Paper III: Elements of Educational Technology & Management
 Paper IV: Elective subjects (special papers)
 Paper V: Methodology of Teaching School Subjects I & II
 Part II
 A. Community work, Co-curricular activities, tests, Microteaching & Supervised teaching.
 B. Psycho, Practical & Viva-Voice, Viva-Voice on teaching, University Examination Teaching & Productive work.
 Duration of Course - One Year